Hungry x Hunters

You just roll away!

This is a special debut for my first image pack focused on male

stuffing and weight gain. Dedicated to Hunter x Hunter, it includes

a huge assortment of the male characters of the story subject to

stuffing fetishism and weight gain. All images are hand drawn and

colored in Photoshop, and they include two guest art images from

The American Dream and The Bed Benders Inc.

This double stuffed image pack contains the following:

-A 3 part feeding sequence featuring Uvogin guzzling beers with the help of Pakunoda and Shalnark.

-A 3 part feeding sequence featuring Kurapika being fed by Leorio.

-A 2 part stuffing sequence featuring Hisoka and Illumi.

-A 2 part weight gain sequence of Razor.

-A 2 part weight gain sequence of Buhara being fed by Menchi.

-A 2 part sequence of Neferpitou feeding Kite.

-A 2 part weight gain sequence of Knuckle and Shoot.

-Single weight gain pictures featuring Ging, Pariston, Chrollo, Prince Tsseridnich, and Morel.

-Guest art image of Knov done by The American Dream

-Guest art image of Kalluto done by The Bed Benders Inc.

Thank you for your continued support.

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