Pokemon Full Moon

Gotta eat em all!

It's Halloween once again! And that means everyone needs to stuff themselves to the gills with candy and sweets!

This year, the new characters from Pokemon Sun and Moon dress up as other video game characters. All images are hand drawn, and colored in Photoshop. A bonus image by The Bed Benders Inc. is also included!

This image pack includes:

-A three part stuffing weight gain sequence of Olivia and Luna(female trainer) dressed as Pharah and D.va from Overwatch respectively.

-A three part stuffing weight gain sequence of Plumira dressed as Enoshima Junko from Dangan Ronpa being fed by two Team Skull members.

-A four part weight gain sequence of Wicke dressed as Bayonetta being fed by Lusamine dressed as Princess Daisy.

-A bonus image of Lillie dressed as a witch, done by guest artist The Bed Benders Inc. http://bedbendersinc.deviantart.com/

Thank you very much for your continued support. Happy Halloween!

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