Hilda Feeds Honouji

Hilda has taken Honouji's appetite by storm!

Hilda the chef has started an infamous Cooking Club at Honouji Academy, and she's set her sights on everyone's waistlines! The girls of Kill la Kill are gratuitously overfed and fattened into huge piles of flesh in this very special image pack. All images are hand drawn and colored in Photoshop. The image pack includes:

1) A four part weight gain sequence of Ryuko Matoi.

2) A three part weight gain sequence of Satsuki Kiryuin.

3) Three other weight gain images featuring Nonon, Ryuko, Mako, and Ragyo.

4) THREE Guest Art Images of Rei, Sukyo, and Hakodate by TheBedbendersInc, Lewdsona, and The American Dream respectively.

Thank you very much for your continued support!

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USD 6.00

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