Tales of Growing Travels 2: Feeding Velbellum

Hilda makes a very special house call.

Of all of the people Hilda visits in order to perpetuate WG shenanigans, one of her biggest fans is a noblewoman named Velbellum Bortega, who employs Hilda's services for recreation and thrill purposes. In this new 8-part sequence, watch as Hilda and Ms. Bortega have a steamy night of constant feasting!

The download contains nine images (one of a normal Velbellum) and then an eight part sequence containing belly stuffing, force feeding with a tube, and massive weight gain. All images are hand drawn and inked, and then colored in photoshop.

This is Part 2 in an original project I am currently working on. For the previous entry, see Tales of Growing Travels Part 1.


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